Welcome to the Home page of the NMR Facility at Texas A&M University. This facility is one component of the Center for Chemical Characterization and Analysis (CCCA) within the Chemistry Department. In addition to NMR services, the CCCA has provision for X-Ray Crystallography, Mass Spectrometry, and Elemental Analysis. The NMR Facility includes 10 superconducting spectrometer systems and 3 full time staff positions to support them with maintenance, user training, and spectroscopic service. Although this facility is physically housed within the Chemistry Department, it provides services to the entire campus community.

NMR Facility News

The 2 new fully automated Bruker 400 MHz systems have been installed! These new systems are in room 1318 of the 72 wing in the Chemistry Building. These systems have 60 position sample changers, are broadband capable from 107Ag (~16MHz) to 31P (~162 MHz), and have auto tuning/matching and shimming. Training for these 2 new systems will be held every Tuesday from 9am - 11am in room 1318. Space is limited for these sessions, please contact Dr. Wylie to reserve your spot.

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The list below shows other entities on the Texas A&M Campus that have NMR spectrometers separate from those within this facility.

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