Several different software applications have been developed for use within the NMR facility at Texas A&M University. These applications have generally been aimed at solving some of the problems in providing services to a large number of users, on a variety of instruments, with a minimum number of support staff positions.

  • NMR Reservations

  • This software replaces the paper reservation log page with a rule based database running on a Unix workstation, permitting remote login and reservation of NMR time.

  • Unix Accounting for VnmrX

  • This suite of programs and scripts attempts to account for both console usage and VnmrX usage on Varian spectrometers that are operating with a SUN host computer. The software SHOULD accommodate both SunOs 4.1.3 and Solaris 2.4.

  • Unix Scripts and VnmrX Macros

  • This is a collection of small scripts and NMR macros that are useful here at Texas A&M. These resources are ONLY available here, they are not posted on the A&M anonymous FTP site.

  • V_HELPER 2.2

  • This software, written to read the 5-1/4" floppy disks written by the older Pascal-based Varian spectrometers (XL-series and older, none-SUN based VXR and Gemini systems) on an IBM-AT class PC, is now obsolete and no longer supported.

  • Link Varian experiments

  • This file has a couple of scripts that permit linking and unlinking large experiments to user home directories. These resources are not posted on the TAMU anonymous FTP site.