NMR Documents

This is a group of documents that may be of interest. They are more general in nature than the notes below.

NMR Notes

This is a series of brief notes describing a variety of data handling issues and other NMR related topics. These are intended to be useful 1-2 page summaries that users can keep in their notes as reminders and aids. Some of these documents are getting old, and may no longer be completely applicable to the current spectrometers in the facility

The topics currently available are:

  1. Using NODE-1 Selective Excitation Shaped Pulse
  2. Using the Unix TAR command
  3. Using Linear Prediction
  4. Calculating Transmitter power on UNITY
  5. Measuring T1 Relaxation times

If you have suggestions for notes that should be added, please send them to gregory.wylie@chem.tamu.edu.