NMR Facility

Work Stations

Three workstations, nmrsun1 (Sun Ultra 10 in room 1318) nmrsun2 (Ultra 10 in room 1221) and nmrsun3 (Ultra 10 in room 1121) are available for performing off-line data processing of data from any of the superconducting magnet systems. Data can be transferred from any of the spectrometers to the workstations over ethernet and processed on the Sun computers using VnmrX, the same software on the Varian spectrometer systems. This is an X-windows application which can be run remotely using the VNC software, permitting remote processing of your spectral data. The workstations includes an HP-7550A plotter (11 by 17 inch charts), an HP7550B plotter (8 1/2 by 11), a LexMark ColorJet plotter (11 by 17), an HP DraftPro plotter (17 by 22 and 22 by 34 inch charts), and an HP LaserJet4 (8 1/2 by 11 inch plots) as output devices. A 150 Megabyte streaming tape drive and a 5 Gigabyte 8 mm cartridge drive are available on both workstations for archival storage of data.

All of the Sun systems in the lab are linked together under NIS+ and user data space is distributed across all of the Unix systems rather than concentrated on a large server or duplicated on each machine. A user's home directory is automounted on a particular system when that user logs in. Consequently, all of the disk space on the group of ten Ultra 5/10s is effectively available to any of the workstations. This provides for efficient use of the disk resources available and provides user convenience in that each user has only one home directory to maintain. User directories are *NOT* duplicated on all systems.

The Bruker Avance system runs under Linux and consequently has its own directory structure and space on the 2 Linux systems. The Avance data cannot be readily processed with the Varian software and there is no Bruker software available on the Sun platform. The offline Linux data station for the Avance400 has four floating licenses that will permit one user at a time to process data , either locally or from a remote X-server, separate from the spectrometer system license. The Avance data can be shared to the Sun systems for archiving.