NMR Facility

NMRS 500

The AirJet cooler provides mechanical cooling of the incoming gas stream to as low as -85 degrees C to permit long term sample cooling without user intervention. This permits observation of biological sample at regulated temperatures near or slightly below room temperature for several days.

The console is equipped with four broadband RF channels, each covering the full frequency range of 500 MHz down to 10 MHz, and each equipped with a waveform generator. The waveform generators allow a shaped pulse or custom decoupler modulation scheme on all three channels. All four channels are also equipped with linear amplifiers, permitting peak pulse power to be varied over 79 db range. There is also a 30 G/cm Pulsed Field Gradient amplifier installed in this console.

The system is equipped with four different probes. The probe used most often is a 5 mm broadband probe, covering the 50-202 MHz frequency band (N-15 through P-31). This probe does not include a PFG coil.

The second probe is a H1{C13/N15} triple resonance probe. This is a proton observation probe with both Carbon and Nitrogen decoupling coils and a Z-axis PFG coil. The carbon and nitrogen decoupler coils are not suited for use as direct observation coils.

The third probe is a dedicated Carbon observe probe with a 3mm insert, designed to provide better sensitivity on samples where there is very little material available. Sample volume is approximately 300 uL. This probe also has a PFG coil.

The fourth probe is a Nalorac HF probe that will do both H{F} and F{H} experiments. This also has a PFG coil available.

The host computer is a Dell Optiplex 755 running RHEL 5.1 and VnmrJ 2.2C.