NMR Facility

Inova 400

The system has 6 different probes available:

  • 5mm Broadband/switchable probe. This is the newest probe on the system. It will operate in either a quad nucleus mode (1H/19F/31P/13C) or in a broadband mode, tuning from 31P down to 15N.
  • 5mm Proton/Fluorine only probe. This is the original dedicated proton probe on the system.
  • 5 mm Proton/Fluorine {X} probe. This is an indirect detect probe from Nalorac. This is now the primary proton probe on the system.
  • 10 mm Broadband, 45 - 165 MHz.
  • 10 mm Broadband, 30 - 105 MHz.
  • 10 mm Broadband, 9 - 30 MHz.
The three broadband probes cover the entire frequency band from 9 MHz (Os-187) up to 165 MHz (P-31). All the broadband probes include a proton decoupling coil. All of the probes are capable of running Variable Temperature experiments.