NMR Facility

Inova 300

The Inova 300 spectrometer is an Linux based spectrometer system operating at 300 MHz for proton spectra. This system is equipped with a Quad probe, capable of observing 1H, 19F, 31P, and 13C without any operator intervention. The console hardware includes a full broadband channel and a proton-only channel, permitting broadband proton decoupling on all heteronuclear spectra except 19F. In addition, the system supports homonuclear proton decoupling and variable temperature operation. This system is capable of swapping the function of the observe and decouple channels so that it can perform the various indirect detection experiments such as HMQC and phosphorus decoupled proton spectra. It also has the attenuators and linear amplifiers necessary to perform spin lock experiments such as ROESY. When this system was upgraded from a UnityPlus console to the Inova console, a Pulsed Field Gradient amplifier was added. This gives the system the ability to perform the newer gradient-enhanced 2D experiments and to also do fast computer shimming of the magnetic field Z axis with the new deuterium gradient shimming techniques.