NMR Facility

Avance 500

The Avance 500 is a Bruker Biospin instrument equipped with a triple resonance HCN cryoprobe with Z-gradient attachment. This probe, which greatly reduces interfering electronic noise by cooling the RF coils and preamplifiers to near absolute zero using refrigerated helium gas, provides very high proton signal to noise of over 4300:1 with the standard 0.1% ethyl benzene test and acceptable carbon sensitivity of 913:1 with standard ASTM sample. The cryoprobe has a purchase price of over $200,000 and is mechanically fragile. It can also easily be damaged by use of incorrect pulse power settings, which prevents this machine from being used by casual operators. The advanced electronics allow the skilled operator to shim easily and perform complex modern NMR experiments which are difficult on other NMR equipment.

The features of the Avance 500 give it unique capabilities. It is best suited for studies of conformation of peptides and small proteins, for following the course of enzymatic reactions in real time, and for natural product studies in which the sample size is small or spectral correlations need to be performed using proton, carbon or nitrogen pulse sequences.

Three days per month are designated for use by Predominately Undergraduate Institutions at no cost. Please contact us if you have samples that might benefit from this system and would like to request use of this time.