NMR Facility


The Avance-400 Solids NMR spectrometer is a Bruker spectrometer, based on a Linux workstation, that provides solid state NMR spectra. It has 4 distinct probes available:

  • 2.5 mm CP-MAS with spin speeds up to 30 KHz, 1H, 19F, and broadband tuning from 31P to 13C.
  • 4 mm CP-MAS with spin speeds up to 15 KHz, 1H/19F decoupler coil, and 31P to 13C single tuned broadband coil. It is also capable of being operated as a {H/F} X/Y probe for triple resonance experiments.
  • 7 mm CP-MAS with spin speeds up to 8 KHz and broadband tuning from 13C to 15N. Lower frequencies are possible with the addition of additional tuning capacitors in the probe.
  • 5/10 mm Wideline probe, tuning from 109Ag to 2H with the 10 mm insert and 31P to 2H with the 5 mm insert. A 7 mm flat coil is also available for use with membrane samples.

The console is a three channel multinuclear console with 1 Kwatt amplifiers for both proton/fluorine and X channel, and a 500W X channel amplifier for triple resonance experiments.

The console is supported by Bruker's TopSpin software, running on a Linux workstation. There is a second workstation available for data processing separate from the spectrometer system. Both workstations are networked, so that data may be moved freely, and both systems include a CD/RW drive for archiving data.