NMR Instrumentation

The NMR Facility at Texas A&M University has a total of Nine super-conducting magnet systems as well as four LINUX workstations dedicated to data processing. The spectrometer systems range from routine Proton/Carbon switchable systems at 300 MHz to 500 MHz systems designed and optimized for Biochemical studies.

There is a computerized reservation system available to reserve time on the routine 300, 400, and 500 Mhz systems. To access the reservation system, you need to remotely login to nmrsun1 and login with username reserve. See Instrument Reservations for more information.

**2 new Bruker 400MHz systems to arrive in the Fall 2018**

  • Avance 500(room 1237)
  • 500 MHz Cryoprobe system with high sensitivity for small 1H, 1H{13C} and 1H{15N} samples.
  • NMRS 500RM(room 415 RMD)
  • 500 MHz system with 4 channels and H/F/P/C quad probe for 1H{31P}{19F} etc.
  • Inova 500(room 1221)
  • 500 MHz routine walkup H/F/P/C system.
  • NMRS 500(room 1327)
  • Avance III 400(room 1163 ILSB)
  • 400 MHz Broadband spectrometer with sample changer.
  • Avance 400(room 1321)
  • 400 MHz Solid State NMR with 2.5, 4, and 7 mm CP/MAS probes.
  • Inova 400(room 1324)
  • 400 MHz system with 31P - 15N broadband probe.
  • Inova 300(room 313)
  • 300 MHz walkup instrument with H/F/P/C quad probe.
  • NMRS-300(room 2211E)
  • 300 MHz routine walkup H/C system in the organic majors lab.
  • Workstations
  • Off-line processing capacity to support the spectrometers