User Submission Forms

There are (or will be :-) !) a number of forms available here in order to convey information to the lab staff. Suggestions for other form requirements are always welcome. These forms may only be submitted from within the domain. If you are logged in from an outside internet provider, you will not be able to submit one of these forms unless you use VPN to login behind the firewall.

Register for NMR classes

This will allow you to submit a form requesting NMR instruction. If you do not currently have an NMR account, the system will guide you to the form for basic 300 MHz instruction. There is also provision for requesting instruction solely on the Avance400 Solid State NMR. After you have had the basic 300 MHz instruction and have a username/password for the systems, you can come back and the registration form will give you additional options for the instruction that you want to request.

Request 400 Probe Change

This form is used to request a probe change on the Inova 400 NMR spectrometer. Normally, the 5mm autoswitchable probe is installed for routine work. There are 3 10 mm probes available for broadband samples with sensitivity problems. These are installed only when requested, not on any set schedule.

Check your data in the NMR Users Database

There is a user database that tracks your NMR usage for billing purposes. You can examine your summary record in this database with this form. There is currently no provision for either changing your billing information or examining usage details in the database.

Customer Information Sheet

This PDF form is now required for all work done for users who are off campus. If you are requesting outside access to NMR resources, you must complete one of these forms first. After completing the form, fax it to 979.845.4719 marked to the attention of Dr. Greg Wylie.