NMR Instruction Classes

This is a brief description of the various classes offered for instruction on the various spectrometer systems. All classes are scheduled on an as-needed basis, rather than on a set schedule. Consequently, there is no calendar or other mechanism to determine when the next class will be. If you need or want one of these classes, complete a class registration form so that we know where the needs are. Any time you register for a class, you will receive a memo detailing the times and places for that class, usually about a week in advance. Classes scheduled during vacation or break periods will typically have more advance notice of the schedule.

  • Routine Access Proton/Carbon
  • This short introductory course provides basic training for acquisition and processing of routine 1H and 13C solution NMR data at ambient temperature from low field Unix-based NMR spectrometer (Inova 300). The course typically consists of a total of three sessions, each one lasting approximately 1 hour on the separate instruments. These sessions will cover "Basic 1H and 13C Data Acquisition", "Manual Locking and Shimming", and "Parameters and Data Processing". At the end of each session, the new user account for that instrument will be activated for full access to both the instrument and the reservation system.
    This course is intended to provide rapid access to the NMR instruments for new users.

  • Inova 400 MHz Broadband
  • Users who have been checked out on the routine 1H/13C spectrometers, and have more than minimum experience and familiarity with them, may want to be checked out on the Inova 400 console for multinuclear work. The Inova 400 provides for full broadband operation from 9-165 Mhz as well as high field proton operation. Instruction on this system includes probe tuning, manual locking and shimming, and basic arrayed acquisition operations.

  • Variable Temperature
  • Some spectrometers are equipped with Variable Temperature accessories. Since variable temperature operation is normally limited to evenings and weekends, users must have instruction on the accessory before they can operate it. This instruction consists of one small group lab, lasting 60-90 minutes.

Registration for all classes is accomplished by completing this form on-line.